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We provide you an affordable solution to control your digital signages with ease of use. Try first before decision!

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An affordable Cloud-Based

Digital Signages

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An affordable Digital Signage Software that enable you to design, publish and manage your media easily

Create a beautiful digital signage for your business with ease of use. You can control and manage your digital signage screens that located in any locations in the world from only one location (Centralized) just have an internet. And of course! You don't need to install and matainance your own server because we provide it for you

We design a user friendly software that we are sure you can use it with no technical skill.

Content management

Content Management

Prepare your medias (Images / Videos) by uploading and managing to NextzSign's cloud storage.

Simple Layout Design

Simple Layout Design

Choose from template or customize your own layout easily just drag and drop / resize layout's block

Ease of Publishing

Ease of Publishing

Publishing your prepared campaigns to the players as you want. You can publish difference content to each screen


Content Scheduling

Advanced scheduling content at specific dates, times

If you have a plan to publish your content or you want to publish some contents to some period of days, hour etc. You can do it by specific dates, times in advanced

Device Monitoring

Realtime tracking device status

You can check a device's internet connection status anytime you want to monitor which device going offline. You can view it both map view and list view for details.



Deploy Difference Content

Specific difference contents to show on each players

You can manage your players into a group or just to be an individual player. Then deploy it with a content you want to show.

The contents you deploy to each players is not need to be the same. It can be difference!

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Digital Signage Player

Just connect an Android box to the screen (TV / Monitor)

In NextzSign, we use an android box to be a digital signage player. It is easy to setup software and affordable price. So, the thing you have to do is just connect the Android box to a screens by HDMI cable.

Our Trusted Clients

These are our example current clients are using NextzSign!

There are clients around the world which are using our software to control their own digital signages to publish their advertising

Praram 9 Hospital
Banyan Tree
Chularat Hospital
Amari Hotel
Thantawan Industry